Raj Jana’s vivid vision




Helping humanity become whole again through ventures,
collaborations, and investments that power an integrated
lifestyle guided by the five elements of being.

Helping humanity become whole again through ventures,
collaborations, and investments that power an integrated
lifestyle guided by the five elements of being.

to reclaim their sovereignty and experience a reality where their fullest, most audacious, most authentic selves are liberated and fully expressed.

This vision is guided by a North Star of enabling fullness and wholeness; the gateway to a reality where society is structured and organized to support human consciousness, evolution and development at the highest level.


Why is it so damn hard to live a happy, fulfilling, deeply meaningful life – especially when human potential is seemingly limitless and boundless?

Why are so many people trapped on the conventional path to ‘success’; conforming to what society says they can have, do, and be? Why are so many people doing everything ‘right’, yet still feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled with their lives?

Here’s the answer…

Our current social container
was never designed to deliver
fulfillment for EVERYONE.

Instead, it was created to churn out factory workers and cookie cutter lives, which served the hierarchy and industrial context of the day.

No wonder growing groups of people are feeling frustrated – even rage – that the conventional path can’t give them what they want.

Thanks to our unprecedented access to knowledge, we instinctively know there should be more to life. As humans evolve faster than ever, the gap between what humanity deserves and what society can give is exposed. An undercurrent for change is rising. More and more people are discovering that our current reality is ill-equipped to serve the integrated, conscious way of living that empowers and nurtures the indomitable human spirit.

than our current system can give.

Sure, there are outliers who defy the odds and “make it” in this system. There are people who worked like hell, shifted their belief systems, and overcame the odds to create the life they wanted. I’m one of those people.

But the variables that had to exist for me to be where I am today are ludicrous.

It took being born into a family and environment that nurtured a strong sense of self, a strong work ethic created from years of playing competitive sports, over $500,000 invested in personal growth to date, and a relentless desire to explore my fullest potential to get me to this point.

And this is the biggest problem.

It shouldn’t be this damn hard to experience true fulfillment. We shouldn’t have to spend so much time, money and energy unlayering ourselves before we can escape the cookie-cutter existence and create the life we want. We shouldn’t have to “break” away from society to discover our truest selves.

A society that  tRULy SERvES

its people should inspire

individual creativity

freedom & fulfillment

- and we’re nowhere near that.

In fact, the opposite is true. Look around and you’ll see countless examples of how our cultural context has created suppression, inequality, and the absence of justice and opportunity for many. It’s got too many people trapped in dead end jobs and careers they hate and relationships that don’t serve. It’s stopping people exploring their passions and making quality time for the things they love.

There are systemic issues too. Our food system is broken, the planet is being plundered, and mental health issues are at an all time high. Social issues are also compounded by the division between people of different ethnicities, backgrounds, and socio-economic upbringings.

As the internet brings increased visibility to these problems, a desire for systemic change grows; and the system is fighting back.

The system and powers at be would have us believe that WE are the ones who are broken. They point to those outliers and say, “if they can do it, then so can you”. They have us thinking that we’re the ones who aren’t good enough or worthy enough to be living the lives we really want to live.

But that’s fucking bullshit

Humans aren’t


society is.

Our current system favors a small group of people over the masses in a world built around the pursuit of money and power. More good, honest people fall through the gaps than can truly thrive. Do we really want to live in a world where so many people spend their entire lives barely surviving; let alone thriving? Do we want to put up with a system that prioritizes wealth, money, status, power, and greed over values such as community, passion, meaning, and love?

Deep down, our souls know we’re focusing on all the wrong metrics.

It’s why we’re called to speak out against injustices and fight against laws that don’t make sense. It’s why we’re longing to express our individuality, reclaim our sovereignty, create our own paths and listen to the beat of our own drums. It’s why there’s a growing desire to explore different aspects of ourselves, take bigger risks, and fantasize about our real dreams and desires.

I want to live in a world that supports this pursuit of fulfillment over arbitrary metrics that take us further from the truth of our humanity.

I want to live in a world that
measures success by metrics like

fulfillment, joy, compassion, purpose & impact over money, social status, & significance.

I want to live in a world where power
dynamics fueled by the obsessive pursuit
of money become obsolete.

I want to experience the joys and thrills of what others create when they’re not fighting to stay above water. I want to bathe in the love and abundance that comes from deep, authentic connection where individuality is celebrated and collaboration supersedes competition.

I want to live in a world that’s built on a level playing field where win-win partnerships are the norm. I want to live in a world where the masses aren’t living paycheck to paycheck. I want to live in a world where kids are supported and encouraged to step into their own unique greatness. I want to live in a world that’s big enough and supportive enough to help everyone have a fighting chance to make their heart’s deepest desires a reality.

This is the world I see in my head. It’s the world I feel in my heart. It’s a world that’s so personally enticing I’m putting every fiber of my being into making it a reality.

Which is why I’m making it my life’s work to create this. In the words of Gandhi, I’m here to “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

This vision requires a
paradigm shift…

A world that prioritizes fulfillment and sparks the fullness of human potential and lifts everybody can’t emerge from taping up something that’s so broken. There’s too much toxicity and fragmentation in the existing system.

We’ve tried fixing the symptoms of this society/humanity misalignment. We’ve tried tackling mental health, education, social care etc. We’ve made a ton of progress, but I think we can get there faster.

Instead of trying to fix the symptoms,

That keep the current system relevant and
building something better in its place.

We need a blank canvas…

We need to break the outdated systems and structures and create a container that empowers.

We need to build a container that inspires BEING over doing, celebrates individuality by giving everyone the space to explore what’s in their hearts, and nurtures the following five energetic values:

With the support of this new container, more people will have a chance to dance with ALL of who they are – and experience a more fulfilling life as a result.

I know this because my life transformed when I made these values as my North Star instead of the ones favored by the conventional path. For me, these values promote an integrated lifestyle that’s grounded in wholeness. It’s a lifestyle that I’ve discovered over the last several years after thousands of conversations with people smarter than me. It’s a lifestyle rooted in age-old teachings such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, The 7 Hermetic Principles, Carl Jung’s timeless teachings, and my own experiences of being a guinea pig in this beautiful game called life.

This lifestyle is:

the beating

heart of this


I believe that entrepreneurship is the beating heart of this vision.

Entrepreneurship is the fastest and most effective vehicle for creating change. You can make money quickly, reach people at scale, and wield the creativity needed to inspire the lifestyle habits and choices that give people the freedom to play with who they are and what they want.

My big-picture plan is to create this new world through a combination of disruptive businesses, purposeful brands, impactful storytelling and media, intentional experiences, mindful investments and donations, and collaboration with people who care.

These businesses, messages, projects will create the new world by creating opportunities for people to experience and explore the value associated with Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, and Heart.

Our Portfolio

of Projects








Empower suppressed energies and voices so we can restore balance, harmony, and opportunity through presence and being.


Water is the extinguisher. It’s the life force that can put out the fires that suppress humanity and create a clearing for balance, harmony, and equality.

Water projects are restorative. At a core level, they’re here to treat the symptoms of a broken society.

Water projects fight for people who can’t fight for themselves – through both social enterprises and non-profit work. They work to stop sex trafficing, empower women, feed the homeless, and create second chances for people and children who haven’t been able to catch a break in our broken society. They can challenge inequality, fight racism, and level the playing field by alleviating the barriers, systems, and structures that cause certain groups of people to be unfairly disadvantaged.

Water projects heal, restore, and rejuvenate helping to promote peace by doing what’s right for those who are taken advantage of. These investments inspire us to experience the magic of energetic harmony in their own lives. By balancing the Yin and the Yang in society, we create an equal opportunity for every single human being to experience balance within themselves.

Examples of projects that excite me

Projects we’re involved in



Inspiring humanity to remember its roots and reconnect with nature and each other through sustainability, culture, and shared community goals.


Earth projects are the inspiration for this entire vision, with the Stay Grounded podcast being the catalyst that showed me the power of embracing the full spectrum of life. The podcast fueled my own healing journey and led me to access profound resources for unleashing human potential that the general public is unaware of. As a result, I’ve dedicated this energy to making all of these resources accessible to the masses to empower healing on a global scale.

By keeping us grounded in natural ways of being, Earth projects inspire emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Earth projects exist to teach humanity ancient practices that honor our physical journey including shamanic rites of passage, breathwork, meditation, and hypnotherapy.
They advocate for and build intentional communities around shared values of connection to ourselves and something greater. They bridge the gaps between nature and cutting-edge technology to empower healing in profound ways. They include physical retreats focused on modalities that cleanse the body and the soul, content engines and lifestyle brands that evoke a sense of oneness with nature and communities at large, and any investments that encourage an integrated and holistic approach to living that’s focused on helping humanity go deeper into their being.


Examples of projects that excite me

Projects we’re involved in



Igniting the delicious nature of the human spirit by unlocking the creative and pleasurable essence of food, drink, sex, art, dance, music, and celebration.


Our creations are how we share ourselves with the world, and there’s no better vehicle than art and culture to accelerate a return to wholeness on a global scale.

Unadulterated passion, authentic self-expression, and unhindered creativity all play a part because they cause us to lose ourselves in the moment. Deep presence lifts the human spirit and connects us with each other and the soul. When we’re unapologetically playful, and free to let ourselves be seen, we unleash a sense of joy that ignites an internal fire that wants to burn forever.

That’s why Fire projects have incredible fun and pleasure at the heart of their existence. Whether it’s a high-end Mezcal brand or a music festival that rocks you to your core, these projects remind us to enjoy the journey and have as much fun as we can along the way. These projects delight the soul and evoke a passionate commitment to the present moment. These projects heighten your senses and create rich, experiential experiences that make you feel alive – buzzing with the pure, unadulterated joy of being alive.

With the help of fire projects, we’ll create a liberated space for unapologetic self-expression and individual creativity.

Examples of projects that excite me

Projects we’re involved in



My North Star and binding truth that fuels, connects, and gives life to the other four elements through the lenses of purpose, structure, intention, abundance, and truth.


While water projects serve to treat the symptoms of a broken society, heart projects focus on fixing the root causes that keep the world so perpetually broken in the first place. Heart represents the disruptive fuel that is focused on creating the leverage and wealth generating engines that can be consciously used to break the fabric of our current reality and build a better world.

Heart projects serve as the catalyst for new visions, ideas, and infinite possibilities. They are driven by a belief in doing what’s right and what’s necessary to achieve the desired results. This is the space where we focus on disrupting systems that don’t work and giving back relentlessly from a place of radical truth. These projects have the potential for life-changing impact, help fund all of the other projects that we invest in, and serve as a foundational platform to build an everlasting legacy from. It is also where I spend 90% of my time.

Currently, all of my efforts are being poured into disrupting the finance and education industries, while alleviating the staggering wealth gap that currently exists in the US. These are big complex goals, and I am ready to take them all on – because my legacy is to leave my heart behind for the world to enjoy.

Examples of projects that excite me

Projects we’re involved in



Guiding us down the road less traveled to spark a sense of curiosity, wonder, inspiration, and freedom – so we can explore uncharted waters and find ourselves.


The element of wind embodies the curious nature of discovery. Free to blow in whatever direction it chooses, wind represents the inspiring, fresh, wondrous state of taking the path less traveled.

Wind projects inspire inner freedom by empowering people to find themselves through the liberating power of self-discovery. Wind projects include transformational travel, luxury real estate and rentals in beautiful parts of the world, inspirational storytelling and films, travel-inspired fashion lines and handmade artisan goods, lifestyle brands that celebrate lesser known cultures and the rituals that evoke a sense of meaning and discovery at their core.

Wind reminds us that there’s always more to learn and discover about ourselves and the world around us. The journey back to wholeness requires the courage to explore the uncharted waters within and without; driven by the knowing that there’s always more – because life is infinite.

Examples of projects that excite me

Projects we’re involved in

How we are making this


If Covid-19 taught me anything, it’s that having concrete plans at the visionary level will shoot you in the foot. It’s ludicrous to think that anyone can have all the answers right now. There’s so much we don’t know and are yet to discover, which means the playing field is going to keep transforming.

So instead of a concrete plan, I’ve created a container. I’ve created a vision and painted a picture of how it’s going to feel to live, create, explore, and express inside this new world.

With the container defined, I now have the freedom to pivot quickly and stay fluid – understanding that the way this vision actualizes could change and evolve at any given moment.

But that doesn’t mean I’m sitting idle.

Right now, I’m acquiring equity in strategic assets, investing in talent, and accumulating resources to create the highest likelihood of being able to take advantage of the right opportunities when they emerge.

I’m doing this work
in partnership with
my brother and
business partner,
Patch Baker.

Our partnership of complementary skills and shared drive for excellence creates an extraordinary playground for innovation and results. Patch’s military background, battle-ready business principles, and leadership skills elevate my strategic thinking, visionary capabilities, and intuitive ability to feel into the energetics of every project we invest in [and vice versa].

Between us, we’ve poured our 25 years of combined business experience into owning, investing in, and operating over 40 active companies, while consulting for hundreds more throughout our careers.

We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars in paid advertising – generating enviable returns in dozens of industries. We’ve established business relationships in 5 continents and relentlessly tested a whole spectrum of business principles to master a blueprint for blowing up any initiative with potential. We’ve earned unprecedented access to incredible people and resources to give us an unfair head start in almost any situation. We’ve created access to funding and keys to doors that remain closed to 99% of the population.

Together, we’re relentless in the pursuit of this new world. In reality, this means we’re:

With the backing of these resources, we’re willing to put our reputations on the line and make any project we decide to take on a runaway success. Failure is not an option when we choose to participate.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the possibilities of this vision, and the impact we are going to make as it unfolds in it’s highest expression.

If need be, Patch and I will create this world alone, but it’s going to be a lot more fun to win alongside incredible people who are inspired to make a difference.

SO If any part of this vision has
ignited a seismic shift inside of you,

please reach out.

If this vision has got your heart and head buzzing with the possibilities of what could be, let’s talk. If you’re ready to hold a sledgehammer and create space for a new world of infinite possibilities for everyone on this planet, let’s talk.

As a renaissance investor, I’ll consider any investment opportunity, collaboration, or equity deal that aligns with this vision. I’m inspired by people who take a stand for what they believe in and I’m excited to co-create with incredible people who believe in a world where everyone can win.

So if you’re interested in building rad shit, have  projects that align with any of the energetic elements I mentioned, and you want to partner, co-create, or collaborate with me on a project, get in touch.

Together, I know we can do this and if you’re still reading this, then so do you.


June 2020